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Radah Church is a Non-Denominational and Apostolic and Prophetic Ministry in Based in Atlanta, Georgia.  Our mission is rooted in our name, "Radah Church," the word Radah is Hebrew for Dominion, Rulership, and Authority. All humans were given a mandate in Genesis 1:28 to "...have dominion."  Radah Church is poised help individuals DISCERN their dominion potential,  DEVELOP that potential, and DEPLOY them as master of said potential.  Ultimately displaying obedience to the "Dominion Mandate" and bringing glory to our Lord Jesus Christ.


The Vision of Radah Church is: 1.) To advance the Kingdom of God by reaching souls for Jesus Christ; 2.) Create a Space where Gods Glory and Power can be Experienced on all Cylinders; 3.)  Help individuals fulfill the dominion mandate in Genesis 1:28 through proper discernment of dominion potential, developing that potential, and deploying them into the world as masters of that potential.


Radah Church is a Apostolic and Prophetic House that embraces the ministry of the Holy Spirit in its fullness.  Jesus Christ is at the center of all we do and the full canon of the Bible is the substratum of what we live and teach. The vision of

Radah Church is fulfilled via Contagious Evangelism, Consistent Education, and Constant Edification.  Dominion is our supreme task.


Radah Church is a worshipping community where all people are welcome.  Our passionate acts of worship towards God creates an atmosphere in our community that calls for genuine fellowship, rooted in genuine love.  At Radah Church we believe in serving one other and the world around us.  We exist to allow the love and power of God to be encountered by all who experience us


The word, "Radah" is the Hebraic translation of the Dominion as found in the Old Testament.  


To be given dominion means to be established as a sovereign, kingly ruler, master, governor; responsible for reigning over a designated territory, with the inherent authority to represent and embody as a symbol the territory, resources and all that constitutes that kingdom.   

In Genesis 1:28, man was created with a dominion mandate over the earth, giving him responsibility for representing the Kingdom government of God on this earth.  Mankind is heaven's earthly agency for Kingdom rulership influence. 

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